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Atlanta: Cash Buyer Standing with Realtors

By admin | March 29, 2021

The day the home cash buyer in Atlanta and throughout the US stood tall alongside realtors.  Twenty-twenty lookbacks are revealing. Real estate has been a relentless wealth builder for entrepreneurs and developers universally for hundreds of years. Ask any mortgage lender, and they’ll confirm that almost all qualifying real estate from single-family homes, condos, and townhouses can…


Cash Buyers For Divorce Property

By admin | March 11, 2021

Real estate buyers for cash are making an impression in the Divorce Property Markets in Atlanta and surrounding districts. Realtors deal with all kinds of things. One of the most volatile converges on divorce situations with separated couples fighting over their real estate assets. The lawyers pulled into mediation invariably have traditional preferred agents ready to…


Selling Your Parents’ Home in Atlanta after They Pass Away – Get ready for a challenge. 

By admin | March 11, 2021

Facing the challenge of managing your parents’ estate after the last passes away is a tough time indeed. Whenever large asset values are under the microscope, bringing siblings (and their spouses) into the mix, get ready for volatile arguments, impatience, and testing family ties. You’ve probably never dealt with anything like this before, so the…


The eviction moratorium and its impact on small-scale landlords in Atlanta and other states in the USA.

By admin | January 15, 2021

The pandemic, aside from all the health catastrophes hitting the country from end-to-end, is fermenting a real estate crisis unprecedented in our history. Reliable data emerging from weekly Census sources at federal, state, and local authorities indicate that close to 35 million people are at risk of eviction in the next few months. While this…

Mortgage Lender and Home Inspector contingencies – the pros and cons of residential property transactions in Atlanta.

By admin | December 22, 2020

Are there mortgage lending advantages when selling my house? Yes and no – it all depends on who’s looking at it. Throughout the USA, home mortgage companies are in business actively:  Lending out money at around 3% annually (i.e., the current rates)  Arranging terms that extend from fifteen years up to thirty. Their motivation connects to…

Can you expect more than speed and money from a reputable home cash buyer?

By Admin | December 6, 2020

Introduction One thing’s clear, home cash buyers in cities across the USA have disrupted the residential market in groundbreaking ways. Atlanta Cash Home Buyers are no exception to the rule. The underlying forces boil down to identifying a string of needs that traditional realtors cannot adequately address. It has opened up opportunities previously inaccessible because there were…

How a professional House Buyer for cash helps Metro Atlanta residents sell homes not showy enough for Traditional Realtor Representation

By admin | November 17, 2020

“Hang on – selling my house in some disrepair? Aren’t I shooting myself in the foot? Home cash buyers make their profit from low-balling house sellers the way I see it. If my residence isn’t in tip-top shape, I’m back-pedaling from the get-go.” Fair thinking, and that may be true with some Atlanta Cash Home…