Why selling my house to Exigo Buys Houses was the best decision we ever made!

A Fair Cash Offer. Almost quicker than we could blink. They are the best Atlanta House Buyer - Hands Down!


As one of Atlanta’s best known real estate buyers for cash

We have an upfront process from end-to-end. Of course, we aim to make a profit, but we don’t do it by lowballing you. We focus on providing an acceptable offer at a better net value considering the fees, commissions, and expenditures in play when you sell your house with agent representation. Our agreements are straightforward, and there’s no small print to worry about. We understand better than anyone that your home is arguably the most significant asset in your life. So we take the responsibility of transacting that with you seriously.


Jesse LeBlanc


My Personal Message To You

“ Yes, we buy houses for cash, but we’ve never lost sight of the fact we are working with people who are making pivotal decisions in their lives. After all, most homes sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Decisions can be gut-wrenching at times, and often quite emotional. That’s why, even though we make fast decisions when required, we never rush anyone. Indeed, we do our utmost to help clients navigate complicated issues that can be life-changing. We are unafraid of introducing innovative solutions to difficult situations, without cutting corners.


Our personal touch and team professionalism create the customization you deserve. I believe our policy, which centers on best industry practices and the highest order of integrity, has paid dividends. Many customers, into selling a house fast more than once, have taken advantage of our Metropolitan Atlanta house buyer services time and time again. In many ways, we’ve built a tight community that’s discovered the huge benefits of working with a five-star home cash buyer. If you haven’t tried us, join the family. We look forward to engaging with you soon.”

We Are Your One-Stop Cash House Buyer In Atlanta and surrounding areas.

We leave no stone unturned and no question unanswered. CONTACT US TODAY.


Jesse LeBlanc

CEO and Founder
Jean-Marc Destinoble

Jean-Marc Destinoble

COO - Acquisition Leader
Chezkie Robbins - Acquisitions Associate2

Chezkie Robbins

Acquisitions Associates
Candice Adams - Acquisitions Associate

Candice Adams

Acquisitions Associates
Raul Menjivar - Acquisitions Associate

Raul Menjivar

Acquisitions Associates
Lanae Adams - Dispositions Associate (1)

Lanae Adams

Dispositions Associate
Brooke Watson - Real Estate Agent2

Brooke Watson

Real Estate Agent
Jena Edwards - Transaction Coordinator

Jena Edwards

Transaction Coordinator
Josh Rand

Josh Rand

Closing Attorney

We’ve only shown you the tip of the iceberg. Here’s more of what you get from Exigo Buys Houses - aside from cash house buyer benefits.

Exigo’s professional team prides itself on navigating difficult situations. As an experienced real estate rainmaker in Atlanta (and surrounding areas) that buys homes for cash, our business deals with every eventuality and circumstance. So if issues like pre-foreclosure, overwhelming house repairs you can’t afford to remedy, inherited property going through probate, an uncooperative short-sale bank, or mortgage payments falling behind have disrupted your property ownership, we can help.

We frequently take over existing mortgages, stop foreclosures in their tracks before they get to the auction, and even rescue situations where you are upside down on your mortgage. Wraparound mortgages and other sophisticated techniques rest in our armory if the deal makes mutual sense. Oh, and our capital resources are expansive. We can invest in portfolios of houses if you’re an investor looking to realize some cash strategically.